Beamng drive машины police

Beamng drive машины police

Police chases are spectacular. Otherwise they are also very dangerous. About 360 people die in the USA every year because of them. Fortunately this is only a game. Police chases are part of many games but in BeamNG they are very realistic. One big problem is that AI. It is not that unusable but also not great. So
I want to share some ideas on how to make police chases in BeamNG drive.
But I will also talk about other relevant topics.

-How to set up a Police chase
-What is the best Police car
-more will follow (Write suggestions in the comments)

Check out a Video of me doing Police Chases in BeamNG drive.

I really like police chases in BeamNG drive because BeamNG is very realistic. And I am certainly not alone. Therefore I will show you different possibilities in this guide.

There are different kinds of Police chases.
– 1 thief vs. 1 cop
– 1 thief vs. many cops
– with traffic
Each time you can play the cop or thive

That is simple and easy to set up. You use the Ai app and set the other car to flee or chase depending on whether you want to be cop or thief.

But you can change some things here.

-Alternatively to the flee command you can also choose random or span. The advantage of this is
that the fleeing car will not drive more hectically when you are directly behind it but you have to set
the risk of the thief driving fast to very high.

-Use the risk number to get a perfect driving style of the other car. If the risk is too high the car will
fly out of corners or lose control very easily. (Especially curves give the maximum risk number,
because the AI is most likely to fly out of the curve). Otherwise it drives slower than necessary. This
setting is very profitable, even if it is a bit complicated.

To use it you need to get into a menu by using Alt f4.
No just joking:) It`s f10. Under tools you get to the Scripted AI. Press record on the current car and then drive a route and then stop recording. Spawn a police car and then let the thive car flee by the play button and chase it.

if you want many cops just spawn some police cars to chase you, or assist. However this will not work so well because the cops will ram themselves.
Better take the Traffic App or tool (mod). So just replace all cars with Police cars. Set a speed limit and drive faster. If You pass a cop, the chase starts.

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A chase with traffic is not only fun but also more realistic.
For the first Method you will need the AI control App and the Traffic app. After that I am explainig you how to do it with the Traffic tool which is a mod.

The Traffic tool mod is outdated and so I don`t know if it will work on your computer.

__Traffic App (no mod) (Still working on the Setup explanation)

Drive around and turn on your flashlights and sirens and some AI cars will stop, others will flee.
If you stop them for some time, it will tell you that you got them.

Replace some traffic cars with cop cars. (If you take 8 AI cars then I would replace 3 or 4 cars
with cops)

__Traffic Tool (mod)

Map: You can choose any map for doing that. On every map it will feel diferent. My favourite maps to choose are West- and East Coast USA, Utha and Italy. On maps like Small Island USA it won`t work so well because the roads are very narrow. Sometimes cars from the different lanes just crash because of that.

With the traffic tool you set the Amount of cars to the maximum that your computer can handel well. I set it to 8.

Set the Colour mode to Unchanged if you play as a criminal because of the police cars, that should have the police paint. Otherwise you can choose randome.

The AI mode is set to Normal.

The Respawn rate is set to 3. If the Respawn rate is high, the Ai cars will resporn more often and you will have heavier traffic but of course you can do it how you want. But with Resporn rate 3 ( the maximum) it will be more realistic.

Activate the AI Awareness so that the AI cars don`t crash in other cars.

Under Select you can select diffrent kinds of cars. If you are doing your chase on an American map, you can choose the option American.

Now spawn the cars.

Use the AI Control app and set the Risk ( under Parameters) of every Car to 1.15. The cars will now take corners faster and they will drive better. You can find out the maximum risk of each car to make it even better but 1.15 always works. If the risk is to high the car is more likely to crash (for example take corners to fast.) Just play around with the risk to make it more interesting.

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After you have the Basic set up: Spawn one police car. This is yours. Set the Colour mode to
random if you want. Set the speed limmit to 300 (max). The cars will drive faster.

Press Go to start and take the first car you see speeding as a speeder, turn on your siren and
chase it. The car will sometimes stop but sometimes it will just drive even faster and you can
chase it.

After you have the basic set up: Change some of the cars to police cars ( the police cars from
the game always work. Some mods don`t work). I choose 3 police cars and leave the other 5
normal cars. (there should be more normal cars than police cars) Just find the right balance.
Set the Speed limmit to for example 70. That means as soon you drive faster the police cars will
chase you.
Press on Go to start.

-For you as criminal:
How do you get away? You can try to flee as long as possible. (take a stopwatch) Or think of a route that you want to drive. If you got to the finish you escaped.

The finish could be a secret place. The police cars can`t follow you there and you can escape.
(an exapmle for a secret place is behind the Gravil store on West Coast USA)

You win if you can catch the speeder with no damage.

The speeder wins if you crash or damage your car or if you have lost him. By not taking the Navigation app it will get more difficult.

-Set for each car the perfect risk number, so they drive as fast as possible, but
without crashing.

-If you do them with traffic: don´t spawn too many cops. (They should be not more
then half of all cars)

-If you are the cop: Try to make good and careful PIT`s and only do them at a place
where you can predict, that the criminal wouldn`t get hurt too much or wouldn`t cause
to much damage in real life
(If he would crash into other cars or buildings. )

-Don`t use such a fast car for the criminal / Police that you have to speed a lot all the
time to avoid losing the criminal or to be caught immediately. Then you can drive more
carfuly and prevent crashing a lot.

I was interested in which police car is the best. But you have to consider that for different situations and tasks different cars are better. I orientate myself very much on the American style of chasing but there will still be winners of the specific nations.

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I will do 4 single tests: acceleration, top speed, manoeuvrability (cornering ability), durability. Besides the winners of each test, there will also be winners of the Specific tests: Road block, High Speed Pursuit, On Narrow Roads and PIT, Multi-purpose

I will go from the worst car to the best.

( Improvements of this part:

//For the top speed test I took the information from the Performace part of the auto-selection, which is
not 100% correct.

//The acceleration measurements may have tolerances. I did these times on the drag strip in West
Coast USA but the time I did was always different from the AI and there were big differences. (E.g.
Drag Race with 2 identical cars. I get away much faster at the start but after a short time the other
one speeds away with the same car as in a race between an elephant and a leopard)

//The durability and manoeuvrability part isn´t finish.

Of course I will also listen to your suggestions for improvement..

A good acceleration can be quite helpful to be able to follow the thief. I will determine the drag strip time for each car. (driven by AI for equality)

Picolina 20.031
Burnside 18.170
Hopper 17.739
D-Series 17.514
H-Series 17.173
Romer Offroad 17.161
Blubuck Police Package 16.624
Romer 16.555
Tougrag 16.536
Romer Undercover 16.491
Vivace 16.399
Moonhawk Detektive 16.267
Sunburst Police 15.537
ETK 15.259
Marschal Balasco 15.189
Blubuck interceptor 15.157
Marschal undercover 15.145
Marschal Highway 15.131
Ibishu 200BX 14.510
Sunburst Germania 13.800
Cavetta Bolide 13.518
Vivace Germania 13.320
Sunburst RS 12.500
ETK K 12.167

Normally not a big problem, since you can never drive mega fast through traffic (in real life) anyway, and a cop doesn’t drive too fast even for his own safety. Even in BeamNG drive, you will normally very rarely drive close to the speed limit. But if you are doing a highway pursuit, a low max speed is not good.

Picolina 127
D-Series 147
Hopper 156
H-Series 171
Burnside 173
Romer Undercover 175
Romer Offroad 185
Romer 188
Vivace 192
Moonhawk Detektive 199
Marschal Balasco 205
Marschal undercover 205
Marschal Highway 205
Blubuck Police Package 206
Tougrag 211
Sunburst Police 225
ETK 226
Sunburst Germania 252
Blubuck interceptor 256
Ibishu 200BX 264
Vivace Germania 282
Sunburst RS 285
Cavetta Bolide 306
ETK K 330

In narrow cities, streets or in dense traffic, it is beneficial to get through faster. Or curves in general should also be taken quickly.


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