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«It’s too late! This ends tonight!» ―Tory Nichols to Miguel Diaz [src]

Tory Nichols is a recurring character in Cobra Kai, the tertiary antagonist in the second-half of season 2, and secondary antagonist in the season 2 finale and throughout season 3.

She has been described as a troubled teen who speaks her mind and is willing to fight anyone who crosses her.

In season 2, Tory becomes a student at the newly reopened Cobra Kai Dojo. After falling victim to the ruthless teachings of her sensei John Kreese, Tory becomes aggressive and vengeful, especially towards Samantha LaRusso. In the end of the season, she starts a massive school karate war at West Valley High School.

In season 3, following her expulsion for starting the school karate war, she forms a bond with Kreese. Through this bond, she becomes more ruthless and vengeful. She goes on to be one of Kreese’s most corrupted students.



Early Life

Tory grew up very poor, and her mother was a waitress that struggled to make ends meet. After work, her mother would often bring leftover food from the restaurant home, so she could feed her children. One night, Tory’s mother was caught red-handed by the manager and fired for stealing from the job, despite the fact the food would have been disposed of anyway. This incident shaped Tory’s worldview and philosophy on life; the world is a cruel and harsh place and one should react by looking out for one’s self.

Cobra Kai

Season 2

Tory tries out for a spot in Cobra Kai. Johnny then orders Miguel to take on «Little Miss Hotshot», and she impresses Johnny and John Kreese by using a skillful takedown on Miguel while sparring. She soon becomes friends with Aisha Robinson but develops a rivalry with Samantha LaRusso when the latter accuses her of stealing her mom’s wallet.

She helps Miguel get over his breakup with Sam and ends up starting a relationship with him. However, after witnessing Miguel and Sam kiss she decides to punish Sam.

On the first day of school she threatens Sam over the intercom. When the two meet in the hallway she reveals to everyone that Sam and Miguel kissed and then viciously attacks Sam. Sam’s boyfriend Robby Keene tries to intervene and diffuse the fight but Miguel believing he is attacking Tory attacks Robby and then a huge school karate war between the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do Karate Dojos erupt. During the fight she kicks Miguel in the stomach because she was angry at him for kissing Sam.

She has the upper hand over Sam for most of the fight, but when Sam starts to get the upper hand, Tory fights more viciously, using her spiked bracelet as a knuckle duster. She injures Sam’s arm with the bracelet, but is ultimately beaten by her after being knocked down the staircase. When Robby kicks Miguel off the railing Tory screams «Miguel» out of horror. After Miguel falls on the ground and is lying unconscious Tory and Hawk go to Miguel.

Later she is seen with Hawk, Raymond, Mitch and other students training at the dojo with Kreese as Johnny confronts Kreese telling him that she, Hawk, Raymond and others are now his students and that he owns the dojo now. It is evident that Tory along with the others blame Johnny for Miguel’s injury and have betrayed him as a result.

Season 3

Tory faces the consequences of her role as the instigator in the school karate war, and is expelled from West Valley High School. She is given probation as an alternative to juvenile hall, as she is the primary caregiver of her sick mother. She takes on two jobs to pay the rent on time, which forces her to quit Cobra Kai. However she feels no regret or remorse for her actions and only feels this is simply more unfair treatment from the world. Her landlord propositions her an alternative for paying rent, and threatens to call her probation officer if she defends herself. It is clear Tory feels no remorse on hurting Samantha and putting her in the hospital and simply feels all this is the world making her life more miserable. Sensei John Kreese approaches her one day to ask her to return, but she explains that she cannot because of everything that is going on and her financial struggles. Kreese realizes that the landlord is harassing Tory and threatens the man, who agrees to waive the rent for the month. This allows Tory to return to Cobra Kai.

When some of the Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai students are fighting in the arcade, Tory shows up with two other Cobra Kai members, Edwin and Big Red, and angrily shouts Sam’s name. After defeating Miyagi Do, she tells Sam to show herself. When Hawk has hold of Demetri’s arm, Tory, along with the other Cobra Kai members, encourages Hawk to break his arm, which he does. At class the next day, Tory admits that she did not actually think Hawk was going to break Demetri’s arm. She then helps weed out the «unworthy» Cobra Kai recruits in a sparring match against a girl named Sarah. After the match, Sarah lashes out at Tory for chipping her tooth, to which Tory insults Sarah telling her that she needs braces anyway. She also appeared shocked when Hawk brutally beats up Brucks a few moments later at his audition.

When Tory is in the probation office, she encounters Robby, who is angry at her for starting the fight. She rebutts that while she started it, he ended it. She knows that it is unfair that they get probation while everyone else is scolded, and warns him that Sam will turn him, much to his anger. Before leaving, she tells Robby to check stable in the home life section, since they will not check. While staying at Cobra Kai, Robby is noticed by Tory, who mocks him for trying to run away. She says channeling in the hate will make him stronger. Later on, Tory invites him to hang out with some of the Cobra Kai members. That day, the two along with Hawk, Kyler and some other Cobra Kai members break into the zoo, and Robby steals a snake for Kreese. After returning to the dojo with the snake, Kreese informs them about Miguel and Sam working together, angering both Tory and Robby. Kreese then dismisses the class, causing Tory to storm out.

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After leaving, Tory goes to Sam’s house with seven other Cobra Kai members and physically attacks the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang members, who had just formed a truce. She defeats a Miyagi-Do student before finding Sam, who runs away before Tory chases her into the Miyagi-Do dojo and starts attacking her. After kicking Sam, she picks up a pair of nunchaku and attacks Sam. She misses, and instead hits and breaks a photo of Mr. Miyagi. Sam, now angry and letting go of her fear, dodges Tory’s attacks and picks up a bō staff. The two then fight, with Sam eventually managing to disarm Tory and corner her against the wall. Hawk, Miguel and Demetri then arrive, and Hawk tells Tory the fight is over. Tory tells Sam the fight will never be over, with Sam responding that she knows where to find her. Tory then calls Hawk and Miguel traitors, tells Hawk to watch his back and turns to leave. Before she goes, Demetri tells her that Hawk has friends who will watch his back for him.

Fighting Style

Before joining Cobra Kai Tory trained in kickboxing. After joining the dojo, she immediately demonstrates considerable aggression and some decent grappling techniques, performing a few takedowns and a joint lock during her match with Miguel. Her striking technique is a bit rough but she makes up for it with her natural strength, speed, aggression, and fearlessness, allowing her to hold her own against the more technically proficient Samantha. Tory is a ruthless fighter who is more than willing to use weapons against an unarmed opponent if she feels the need.

In Season 3, Tory’s striking technique has visibly improved, making her even more formidable. During the fights she beats several Miyagi-Do students with little effort. She has also received some training with nunchaku, as evidenced in her fight with Sam in December 19. However, Sam’s skill with the bo staff is still greater, allowing her to disarm and corner Tory before Miguel, Hawk, and Demetri break up their fight.

Kreese describes Tory as «a born fighter» in the episode Nature Vs. Nurture.

Tory is overall one of the strongest next generation students at Cobra Kai. She is stronger than almost every student (current and former), with the exceptions being Miguel and Robby. With Miguel defecting, Tory is likely the second best fighter, after Robby.


In season 2, there are two sides to Tory. In relaxed settings she is playful, fun-loving, and has a bit of a wild streak. She is assertive and has a sarcastic sense of humor. She enjoys being out with her friends as much as any teenager. She is openly flirtatious to Miguel, taking an interest in whatever he’s doing and later, trying her best to help him get over Samantha.

Underneath that exterior, however, Tory believes that life is about fighting for what you see as yours, as she explains Miguel. She can be a bully particularly to Sam who she views as uptight, privileged and worst of all her competition for Miguel. She is highly vengeful if she feels like she’s been wronged. After witnessing Sam and Miguel kissing, she attempts to get revenge the next day by threatening Sam over the school intercom, viciously attacking her and resorting to dirty tactics, such as cutting her with a spiked bracelet.

In season 3 her fight against Sam in the season 2 finale haunts the latter so much, that she freezes when Tory calls out her name in the arcade. When she meets Miguel at a restaurant, she voices her disappointment in him kissing Sam, but becomes upset when Miguel says she needs help. When Tory tells Miguel «You kissed her», Miguel had no response as he knew some of it was his fault, and only commented when Tory said that she had no other choice. After Sam «overcame» her fear and disarms Tory in their fight at Miyagi Do, Tory tells her that this is not over and even threatens the more powerful and experienced Hawk.


Sam is Tory’s biggest rival. Upon their first encounter in season 2, the two immediately dislike each other, with Tory disliking Sam for being privileged. When Sam puts accuses Tory of stealing her mom’s wallet, their rivalry escalates, particularly on Tory’s end, who has no issues with bullying and insulting Sam. After witnessing Sam and her boyfriend kissing, Tory exacts revenge the following day by exposing Sam in front of everyone (including Robby) and attacks her, all of which leads to the massive school brawl. At one point during the fight, Tory uses her spiked bracelet to attack Sam. Despite injuring Sam with the bracelet, she loses the fight when Sam kicks her down the stairs.

In season 3, it is revealed that Tory was expelled for instigating the fight. Later, in the season, when the Miyagi Do’s and Cobra Kai’s are fighting in the arcade, Tory calls out her name, but then Sam suffers a panic attack and basically shuts down, as she is still traumatized over her fight with Tory in the school brawl. Tory goads her to come out, but she doesn’t. In the finale, when Tory spots Sam during the fight at the latters house, Sam runs away, while Tory chases her into Miyagi Do and attacks her with nunchaku’s, but Sam overcomes her fear and starts to fight back, ultimately resulting in Sam managing to disarm Tory with her Bo staff. The fight is then interrupted by Miguel, Hawk and Demetri coming in, with Hawk telling Tory to stop the fight. Tory tells Sam that this won’t be over, to which Sam says «you know where to find me.» Tory then walks out.


Miguel is Tory’s ex-boyfriend. In season 2, Tory takes an interest in Miguel and helps him get over his recent break up with Sam,. Overtime the two quickly become a couple. However, Tory witnesses Miguel and Sam kissing the night before the first day of school. The following day, in the school brawl, Tory, still angry over the kiss, kicks Miguel’s face when the latter tries to stop her from attacking Sam. She however is horrified when Miguel is kicked off the railing by Robby.

While at lunch with Johnny in season 3, Tory sees him when Johnny goes to the bathroom. Miguel shows that he’s upset with Tory for not seeing him in the hospital. He is further upset when Tory says that Cobra Kai is trying to get back at Miyagi Do for what happened to him, while Tory voices her disappointment for his kiss with Sam. Miguel then tells her that she needs help, which angers her, as she feels he is calling her crazy. Miguel breaks up with Tory for severely injuring Sam and starting the school brawl, and then she leaves in anger. The next time they see each other is when the Cobra Kai’s enter Sam’s house in order to attack the Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang students, who had just formed a truce. Miguel tells Tory she doesn’t have to do this, to which Tory says it’s to late. Then, a fight breaks out, with Cobra Kai losing. Before Tory leaves following losing the fight, she calls both Miguel and Hawk traitors.

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Aisha is Tory’s friend. They become friends shortly after Tory joins Cobra Kai in season 2. They are seen together a few times.

Hawk is Tory’s former friend now enemy. Due to Tory dating Hawk’s best friend Miguel in season 2, Tory is often seen hanging out with Hawk and Miguel. While they don’t have much interaction, it can be assumed that they are on friendly terms in season 2 and a good portion of season 3. Tory encourages Hawk to break Demetri’s arm, and next day comments that she didn’t think he was going to go through with it (she doesn’t know, however, that Hawk’s conscience was starting to surface). Nevertheless, she appears shocked and uncomfortable when Hawk beat up Brucks, most likely since she did not know about Hawk’s past and his events of being bullied by Kyler and Brucks.

However, in the end of season 3, Hawk betrays Cobra Kai and sides with Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang during the fight at Sam’s house. He convinces Tory to stop the fight, but Tory calls him a «traitor» and tells him to watch his back.


Kreese is Tory’s teacher. Despite the two not having any one on one interactions in season 2, Tory is corrupted by Kreese’s teachings to the point that she joins him and betrays Johnny, when the latter takes back Cobra Kai from Johnny.

In season 3, they have more interactions. When Kreese asks her if she is coming back to Cobra Kai, Tory says she can’t because of her sick mom and landlord. Kreese shows some sympathy for her mom, due to his own mom dying years ago. He then confronts her landlord and threatens him to leave her alone. After his confrontation with her landlord, Tory returns to Cobra Kai. Tory gets more corrupted by Kreese’s teachings. By the end of the season, Tory is revealed to be one of the handful of students at Cobra Kai remaining.


Robby is Tory’s friend and former enemy. They don’t have much interaction in season 2. They first meet at a roller skating rink when Robby went with Sam. Miguel introduces Tory to Robby and Sam, but Sam had already met Tory. Robby is seen ice skating with Sam until Tory purposely trips Sam. Then, Sam retaliates, resulting in both Sam and Robby being kicked out by the manager. Despite Robby standing up for Sam by telling the manager that Tory started it, they are still kicked out. In the finale, he sees Tory attacking Sam and tries in to stop her by pushing Tory against the wall for her to cool down. Robby wants to figure things out between the both of them, but is then slammed on the floor by Miguel, as the latter wrongly assumed he was attacking her,

In season 3, at the SJDC’s probation office, Robby is about to be seen by a probation officer to grant his release. When Tory comes through the door, Robby looks like he is about to attack Tory because he has no idea what she is doing here. He accuses her of starting the fight, while Tory accuses him of ending it. The two start talking, with Tory telling him that they are in the same position and that Sam will turn on him, which Robby does not believe. Tory then leaves. This scene indicates that Tory isn’t angry with Robby. Shortly after, Robby begins staying at Cobra Kai, which Tory approves of, labeling him as «one of us.» However, when he decides to leave because he feels like he doesn’t belong, Tory convinces him to stay and hang out with some of the Cobra Kai’s. She also tells him to channel in his anger to make him stronger. Later that day, Tory, Robby and some Cobra Kai’s break into the zoo, and Robby steals a snake for Kreese. After returning to the dojo with the snake, Kreese informs them about Miguel and Sam working together, angering both Tory and Robby. Kreese then dismisses the class, causing Tory to storm out, making this the last time they are together in the season.


Johnny is Tory’s former sensei. Despite becoming Johnny’s student in season 2, she ends up being corrupted by his sensei Kreese to the point that she betrays Johnny and sides with Kreese, when the latter takes back Cobra Kai from Johnny.

Her mother

Tory cares for her sick mother. In season 2, Tory tells Miguel her mother was fired from her job after being caught trying to bring food for herself and younger brother.

In season 3, Tory is caring for her sick mother. She makes her a sandwich and asks her brother to give it to her. When Kreese shows up at Tory’s house. her mom asks her who is at the door, to which Tory lies and says nobody.


Rodney is Tory’s landlord. When Tory is unable to pay her rent in season 3, Rodney threatens to evict her at first, but then suggests that says there is another way she can «earn the rent money», as he touches Tory’s cheek. Tory reacts defensively and threatens to break his hand, but he reminds her that he can report her to the probation officer, who will happily place her in juvie. Tory relents and walks off. However, after Kreese attacks him and threatens to chop his finger off with a cigar cutter, Rodney relents and agrees to leave her alone. With Rodney no longer harassing Tory, she is able to return to Cobra Kai. However, Tory is later revealed to be working at a sushi restaurant in order to pay future rents and bills


Cobra Kai — сериал о том, как карате-пацан стал карате-мужиком

В начале мая вышел телесериал, который моментально стал сенсацией в США и только по какой-то нелепой причине не получил громкое и заслуженное признание в России. Этот сериал — Cobra Kai. И если название вам ни о чем не говорит, значит вы не росли в 80-е или 90-е.

Узнавшие это громкое имя, моментально вспомнят фильм 1984 года «Малыш-каратист» (в моем детстве все называли его так, и переучиваться я не собираюсь, смиритесь). Как легко догадаться Cobra Kai — это продолжение того самого фильма, и что уж там, продолжение получилось на 10 из 10.

Сперва небольшой экскурс в историю для тех, кто не в теме. К 1984 году вышло целых три части «Рокки», а название картины стало нарицательным. Даже во время кастинга на роль Дениэла Ла Руссо — главного героя «Малыша-каратиста» — Ральф Мачио усмехнулся: «О, это история Рокки». Так и есть, сюжет фильма во многом повторяет историю знаменитого боксера.

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Дениэл обучается каратэ и в финале побеждает своих обидчиков. Интересно другое — в отличие от других фильмов про единоборства, вроде того же «Рокки» или «Кикбоксера», сконцентрированных на насилии, «Малыш-каратист» прославляет пацифизм и отказ от кровопролития. Ярчайший тому пример — мистер Мияги, который дезертировал из армии перед войной и постоянно повторял ученику, что кулаки — последний способ решать проблемы.

Фильм изобилует боевыми сценами с лихой акробатикой даже по современным меркам. Возможно, поэтому он и стал культовым, а, возможно, потому что там проводится явная параллель между двумя видами каратэ. Первое — уже описанное — с упором на защиту и второе, кричащее «никакой пощады!».

Тем удивительнее кажется завязка Cobra Kai, где главный герой — Джонни Лоуренс — тот самый задира и негодяй, избивавший Дениэла 30 лет назад, стал с того памятного турнира горьким пьяницей. Себя он таковым, конечно, не признает и всю вину за бесцельно прожитые годы сваливает на давнего противника, когда-то заехавшего ему ногой в челюсть.

Естественно, тот пинок был против правил — его, кстати, воссоздали из удаленных кадров оригинальной кинопленки, дополнив смачным крупным планом. Естественно, Дениэлу подсудили. А что из всего этого вышло? Джонни горбатится изо дня в день, хватаясь за любую работу: то сливные трубы прочистит, то заносчивой домохозяйке телевизор на стену повесит. Тем временем со всех билбордов города на него смотрит радостное лицо Ла Руссо, ставшего успешным предпринимателем.

Между новым сенсеем и его учеником тоже завязывается симпатия

Фильмы «Малыш-каратист» всегда рассказывали историю неудачника — это был классический путь «из грязи в князи», и Cobra Kai верно следует традициям, меняя героев местами. На сей раз неудачник — это бывший злодей, который, отхватив в жизни горя, хочет наладить дела и возвращает то единственное, что когда-то делало его счастливым — додзе Cobra Kai. Дениэлу это место навевает самые мрачные воспоминания, будто выдернутые из кошмара. Поэтому, увидев знакомую вывеску, он делает все, чтобы она исчезла раз и навсегда. И кто теперь злодей?

Больно видеть, как персонаж, которого ты любил в детстве, совершает необдуманные поступки, руководствуясь прошлыми обидами и тяжелыми воспоминаниями. Однако, не все так однозначно. Через весь сезон проходит мысль, которую говорит ближе к концу один из второстепенных персонажей: «Ошибки прошлого не могут диктовать будущее». И до самого конца неясно: создатели убеждают нас в этом или спрашивают, потому что в сериале, в отличие от фильма, нет абсолютных героев и злодеев.

Вместе со старыми персонажами появились и новые. Ральф Мачио долго и упорно отказывался от соблазнительных предложений воскресить киноленту, объясняя решение тем, что не попадалось хороших сценариев. Трое талантливых писателей, фанатеющих от оригинала, сумели его переубедить, одновременно передав эстафету следующему поколению каратистов. Хотя среди подростков (ученику Джонни 16 лет) нет засветившихся лиц, справились они достойно.

При этом авторы органично смешали симбиоз двух поколений. С одной стороны, в Cobra Kai поднимаются популярные сегодня темы феминизма и равноправия. Джонни, к примеру, отказывается обучать толстую девочку, но та быстро показывает свою истинную силу. Натерпевшись издевательств в школе, она кладет на татами его лучшего ученика.

С другой стороны, постоянно всплывают пасхалки. Когда Джонни приносит в ломбард старенькую игровую консоль, говоря оценщику, что это раритетная Nintendo, тот с недовольным видом поправляет: «Это Atari». А из колонок в это время доносится то Guns N’ Roses, то Queen, то какая-нибудь менее популярная группа из 80-х.

Эти песни заодно с кадрами оригинального фильма создают столь сильное чувство ностальгии, что оно моментально засасывает обратно в детство, заставляя забыть обо всем на свете. Так повлиять могло бы только продолжение «Назад в будущее», которое вдруг оказалось бы таким же смешным и захватывающим, как оригинальная трилогия. До сегодняшнего дня возвращение «Малыша-каратиста» казалось чем-то столь же мифическим. И все же оно здесь, способное выдавить скупую слезу из давнего фаната и развлечь красивыми боями нового зрителя.


Cobra Kai

Martial arts
Action comedy

Ralph Macchio
William Zabka
Will Smith
James Lassiter
Caleeb Pinkett
Susan Ekins
Josh Heald
Jon Hurwitz
Hayden Schlossberg

Katrin L. Goodson
Bob Wilson

Nicholas Monsour
Jeff Seibenick
Ivan Victor

Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions
Overbrook Entertainment
Heald Productions (Season 2)
Sony Pictures Television

Sony Picture Television

May 2, 2018 – present

Cobra Kai is an American comedy-drama web television series which is a sequel to The Karate Kid series from the four films, The Karate Kid (1984), The Karate Kid Part II (1986), The Karate Kid Part III (1989), and The Next Karate Kid (1994), created by Robert Mark Kamen. The first season premiered May 2, 2018 on YouTube Red. The television series takes place 34 years after the original film and follows the reopening of the Cobra Kai karate dojo by Johnny Lawrence and the rekindling of his old rivalry with Daniel LaRusso. The series was created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald and stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, reprising their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence from the films respectively.

On May 10, 2018, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season of ten episodes that premiered in 2019. On May 2, 2019, YouTube renewed the series for a third season [1] and on June 22, 2020, it moved to Netflix with the first two seasons being available on August 28, 2020, the third season released on January 1, 2021. In October 2020, the series was renewed for a fourth season ahead of the third season premiere. [2]



Set thirty-four years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, when a down-and-out Johnny Lawrence seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo. The move reignites his rivalry with a now successful Daniel LaRusso, who has been struggling to maintain balance in his life without the guidance of his now-deceased mentor Mr. Miyagi. [3] The show is about two men addressing past demons and present frustrations the only way they know how: through karate.»

Running parallel to the conflict are the story arcs of Johnny and Daniel’s students. Johnny opens a new Cobra Kai dojo that attracts a group of bullied nerds and social outcasts who find a camaraderie and self-confidence under his tutelage, but who take his aggressive philosophy too far, in particular his star pupil, Miguel Diaz. In contrast, Johnny’s estranged son, Robby Keene, comes under the wing of Daniel, who hires the boy at his car dealership, initially not knowing that Johnny is his father. Daniel eventually proves a positive influence to the boy, teaching him Mr. Miyagi’s philosophy of balance. Meanwhile, Daniel’s daughter, Samantha, is caught in the middle of these conflicts as she learns who her true friends are and a better path to follow.



Pat Morita, Thomas Ian Griffith and Sean Kanan appear via archive footage from the films as Mr. Miyagi, Terry Silver and Mike Barnes respectively.

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