My time at portia трехстволка укус змеи

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  3. Logging tools [ edit | edit source ]
  4. Quarrying tools [ edit | edit source ]
  5. Fishing tools [ edit | edit source ]
  6. Other tools [ edit | edit source ]
  7. Attributes
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  9. Level [ edit | edit source ]
  10. Health [ edit | edit source ]
  11. Stamina [ edit | edit source ]
  12. Endurance [ edit | edit source ]
  13. Attack [ edit | edit source ]
  14. Defense [ edit | edit source ]
  15. Critical Hits [ edit | edit source ]
  16. Critical Chance [ edit | edit source ]
  17. Critical Damage [ edit | edit source ]
  18. Melee Critical Damage [ edit | edit source ]
  19. Ranged Critical Damage [ edit | edit source ]
  20. Resilience [ edit | edit source ]
  21. My time at portia трехстволка укус змеи
  22. Содержание
  23. Семья и связи
  24. Расписание
  25. Отношения
  26. Бонус
  27. Общение
  28. Подарки
  29. Готовка
  30. Рецепты Ака
  31. Наем в качестве помощника
  32. Обновление Ака
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  35. Selecting gifts [ edit | edit source ]
  36. Universal gifts [ edit | edit source ]
  37. Gift preferences [ edit | edit source ]
  38. Special gifts [ edit | edit source ]
  39. Event bonuses [ edit | edit source ]
  40. Festivals [ edit | edit source ]
  41. Birthdays [ edit | edit source ]
  42. Desires [ edit | edit source ]
  43. Gifts given to the player [ edit | edit source ]
  44. Gratitude gifts [ edit | edit source ]
  45. Relationship gifts [ edit | edit source ]
  46. Birthday gifts [ edit | edit source ]
  47. Forge
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  50. Placement
  51. Marketing
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  56. Revising weapons [ edit | edit source ]
  57. Prices [ edit | edit source ]


Tools are equipment that can be used for material gathering. Axes and pickaxes are generic tools used to retrieve wood and stones, respectively; other tools include fishing rods. Most of the tools can be crafted by the player using the Worktable.

Some tools can also be used as weapons but are much weaker and typically reserved for gathering.


Logging tools [ edit | edit source ]

Logging tools are used for chopping trees, shrubs, and cacti. Stamina cost of using any axe or Chainsaw can be reduced with Mastery of Axe.

Quarrying tools [ edit | edit source ]

Quarrying tools are used for mining stones, rocks, and crystal and topaz nodes. These tools are also used for mining in the Abandoned Ruins. Stamina cost of using any pickaxe can be reduced with Mastery of Pickaxe, though Mini-Drill is not affected by the skill.

Fishing tools [ edit | edit source ]

Fishing tools can only be used at the designated fishing spots. The player is required to have Caterpillars in their inventory in order to fish. 6 Stamina points are consumed per cast regardless of the fishing rod the player uses. The fishing rod affects the time spent and difficulty of reeling the fish in.

Fishing tools
Item Type Effect Source
Beginner’s Fishing Rod
Beginner’s Fishing Rod
Fishing rod Basic fishing rod, fishing line breaks easily
Most time spent per fish
Classic Fishing Rod
Classic Fishing Rod
Fishing rod Fishing line is stronger, easier to reel in fish
Decreases the time spent on catching fish
Master Fishing Rod
Master Fishing Rod
Fishing rod Fishing line is very strong, very easy to reel in fish
Decreases the time spent on catching fish further
Museum reward
Bait Required to fish. One is spent every time a fish bites Sophie’s Ranch
Foraging any plant

Other tools [ edit | edit source ]

The tools below are used for various workshop tasks or for fun. Using them consumes no Stamina.



Example of Exp, Level, and Attributes, visible on the Character menu

Attributes, colloquially known as stats, determine the extent of various things the player is able to do. The lowest value is zero, with higher numbers indicating stronger capabilities. These attributes improve as the player character’s experience level increases.

Equipping armor and accessories, placing certain furniture in the house, improving the workshop, and consuming food can also boost attributes.

Health, Attack, Defense, and Stamina are permanently increased upon level-up, though Endurance can only be increased with certain skills, and the other stats can only be increased by using or wearing certain equipment, weapons, accessories, and/or consumables.


Level [ edit | edit source ]

The player’s Level (abbreviated as Lv.) determines certain base stats, dictates which clothing and weapons the player can use, and is used as an indicator for if the player is ready to tackle certain levels of Hazardous Ruins. The player begins the game at Lv.1, and the maximum level is Lv.99.

The player increases their level automatically after gaining enough experience points (Exp.) from completing missions and commissions, gathering materials from either the wild or crafting stations, and other activities.

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Health [ edit | edit source ]

Items that can increase Health:

Stamina [ edit | edit source ]

Items that can increase Stamina:

Phyllis’ relationship perks also increase Stamina.

Endurance [ edit | edit source ]

Endurance determines the length of time that the player can sprint or roll in one burst, and is represented by a circular yellow gauge in the overworld. It is depleted temporarily while the player uses Dash (sprint/run) or Dodge Roll (somersault), then gradually refills. The gauge refills faster if the player does not let the small orange part at the tail end of the meter run out completely. The player begins the game with 100 Endurance, though this number is not shown while in the overworld and is instead represented by a circular yellow meter that only appears while the player has less than 100% of their Endurance.

The player’s yellow Endurance meter is separate from their mounts’ green Endurance meter. While riding a mount, the mount’s Endurance will be consumed instead of the player’s, and both dashing and jumping cost Endurance. The player is unable to Dodge Roll while riding a mount.

No foods or items affect the maximum amount of Endurance the player or their mounts can have. However, the player can temporarily gain a buff to increase their Endurance restoration by resting in a Double Lounge Chair or at the Hot Springs Inn, or learn certain skills to increase their Endurance efficiency.

Attack [ edit | edit source ]

Attack determines the amount of damage the player does to enemies as well as objects harvested through logging or quarrying. The higher this attribute, the more powerful the player’s strikes will be. This results in more damage dealt to enemies, trees cut down in fewer hits, and more raw crafting materials mined out within the Abandoned Ruins per hit. The player begins the game with 15 Attack.

Items that can increase Attack:

Arlo’s relationship perks also increase Attack.

Defense [ edit | edit source ]

Defense is the defensive stat of the player. The higher this attribute, the better the player fares when receiving attacks from enemies. The player begins the game with 8 Defense.

Items that can increase Defense:

Remington’s relationship perks also increase Defense.

Critical Hits [ edit | edit source ]

Critical Chance [ edit | edit source ]

Critical Chance determines the chance of Critical Hits happening when the player attacks enemies.

Items that can increase Critical Chance:

Arlo’s Good Friend perk also increases Critical Chance by 10%.

Critical Damage [ edit | edit source ]

Critical Damage example

Critical Hits are more powerful than a normal attack. Critical Hits that the player inflicts will display the amount of damage inflicted in red text with a white border in a larger size than usual.

Melee Critical Damage [ edit | edit source ]

Melee Critical Damage determines how much extra damage that Critical Hits from gloves, knuckles, swords, and hammers do.

Items that can increase Melee Critical Damage:

Ranged Critical Damage [ edit | edit source ]

Ranged Critical Damage determines how much extra damage that Critical Hits from guns do.

Items that can increase Ranged Critical Damage:

Resilience [ edit | edit source ]

Resilience reduces the chance of receiving damage from a critical attack. It is subtracted from an attacker’s Critical Chance when determining whether or not an attack should give increased critical damage.

Items that can increase Resilience:

Sam’s relationship perks also increase Resilience.


My time at portia трехстволка укус змеи


Семья и связи

После того, как Ак был спасен, жители Портии относились к нему с недоверием, ожидая, что он может быть опасной технологией. Однако Арло и Тоби сразу подружились с Аком, найдя его интересным и дружелюбным.


Чаще всего Ака можно увидеть на Яркой площади или между магазином Марты и рестораном Круглый стол. Ночь он проводит в Счастливых апартаментах.





Помёт Медная руда Оловянная руда Железная руда Свинцовая руда Магниевая руда Марганцевая руда Алюминиевая руда Титаниевая руда Без навыка Даритель, добавляющего 1-2 дополнительных очка.


Пока Ак нанят в качестве помощника, он будет готовить для вас. Сначала он может готовить только блюда из своего списка рецептов, но, как только вы обнаружите новые рецепты или обновите его чипами данных рецепта, он изучит новые блюда. Блюда с чипами данных Ака уникальны и не могут быть приготовлены с помощью какой-либо станции. Вам не нужно иметь необходимые ингредиенты в своем инвентаре для приготовления.

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Вы можете получить доступ к меню приготовления Ака, взаимодействуя с ним, и выбрать рецепт и количество, которое им нужно. Приготовленное блюдо появляется в вашем инвентаре.

Рецепты Ака

В таблице приведен список блюд, которые может приготовить Ак. Часть рецептов доступна ему по умолчанию; для остальных рецептов необходимо будет установить чипы.

Наем в качестве помощника

Ак может быть нанят как помощник для мастерской после выполнения некоторых требований:

Задание: Одинокий робот должно быть выполнено. После того, как у вас во дворе появится Модель Лары, Ак будет посещать ее каждый день. Как только вы достигнете уровня Приятель с ним, Ак предложит свою помощь в мастерской и может быть нанят за 1200 ⁠⁠ в месяц. Вы может оплачивать до одного года службы одновременно.

Он не остается в мастерской весь день, но посещает её несколько раз в день для работы. Потенциальные услуги Ака включают в себя: заправка машин и сбор готовой продукции, кормление животных и сбор любых полученных ресурсов, а также сбор, пересадку и удобрения. Он может использовать только ресурсы, помещенные в Хранилища, и поместит все собранные предметы в сундук рядом с почтовым ящиком.

Ак не будет выполнять определенные функции, такие как кормление рыбы, общение с животными или создание предметов.

Обновление Ака

Ак может быть улучшен различными чипами данных, пока они находятся в вашем инвентаре. Это позволяет ему выполнять больше функций в мастерской, а также готовить больше рецептов.

Возможность обновить Ака становится доступной после того, как вы достигнете с ним уровня Приятель и завершите Задание: Одинокий робот. Возможность обновить Ака доступна только тогда, когда он нанят в качестве помощника.

Чипы данных можно купить в Обменном пункте Исследовательского центра и найти во время раскопок в Заброшенных руинах.



Gifts are presents given to or received from another character. Depending on the combination of gift and character, the reaction varies from a positive reaction to a negative reaction. By gifting, the player can increase the Relationship level of a certain character, as long as the character reacts positively.

Most characters in Portia can receive gifts. To give a gift to an NPC, interact with them and select the Gift icon. Your inventory will pop up on the screen. Not all items can be given as gifts; the ones that can be given will appear in your inventory on this screen.


Selecting gifts [ edit | edit source ]

Universal gifts [ edit | edit source ]

Universal gifts are gifts that are reacted to by all (or most) characters in similar ways. Most gifts are universal neutrals, giving +1 relationship point.

Gift preferences [ edit | edit source ]

Every character has unique preferences. Their reaction to a gift is measured in relationship points.

Special gifts [ edit | edit source ]

Special gifts are used in a specific situation. Instead of appearing in your general inventory space while gifting, you can see them at the bottom left of the gifts window. Items you have will be grayed out but visible. If you have obtained that item at some point, its description will be added when highlighting the item even if you do not currently possess one.

Event bonuses [ edit | edit source ]

Festivals [ edit | edit source ]

All seasonal festivals multiply the relationship point yield by two. This allows the player to either earn or lose double the amount of relationship points. For example, if a character usually has a base +10 value for Roses, giving them Roses on a festival will instead yield +20 base points.

Birthdays [ edit | edit source ]

Most characters have birthdays. Birthdays are tracked through the calendar after reaching the “Buddy” level for a character. Once a character and the player have reached the “Buddy” level, the character’s birthday is displayed on the calendar. The character reacts to gifts and states that the current day is their birthday, regardless of whether the player has reached the “Buddy” level. However, accidentally finding a character’s birthday does not add it to the calendar. When gifting on birthdays, relationship points are tripled, for instance, a +10 item would triple to +30. In the event a character has a birthday during an event or a festival, the multiplier only takes account of the higher multiplier, in this case: birthdays.

Desires [ edit | edit source ]

Desires, or wishes, are gifts that characters want. Desires which are randomly assigned to one or two characters per week. The player is required to be at least at Associate level with most eligible characters for them to be assigned a desire; some characters require higher relationship levels. Arlo, Emily, Ginger, Gust, Phyllis, Sam, Xu are more likely to be assigned a desire than other characters. Some characters may desire an item that they do not normally like.

The character currently assigned a desired item will have the desire icon on the “Chat” social interaction; chatting with them causes them to describe the item to the player. If the item is presently available in the player’s inventory, the item will also be highlighted with the desire icon in the gifting interface. The birthday or festival day relationship bonus applies when gifting a desired item.

Gifts given to the player [ edit | edit source ]

Certain conditions allow the player to occasionally receive gifts from other characters.

Gratitude gifts [ edit | edit source ]

The player may sometimes receive extra rewards, referred to as gratitude gifts, for completing commissions. The top of these commissions are marked with a special red stamp that depicts a person with a thumbs-up sign and two small hearts, surrounded by a circle.

Relationship gifts [ edit | edit source ]

Some characters may send the player gifts in the mail after reaching a high enough relationship level with them.

Two characters give the player a single special gift upon reaching Buddy (two hearts) level with them for the first time.

The other characters give gifts randomly.

After marrying one of these characters, there is a chance each morning that they may give the player a gift.

Birthday gifts [ edit | edit source ]

The player will receive a maximum of 25 gifts total outside their Workshop fence on their birthday from their friends and spouse, if they have any. The possible gift given to the player by their spouse depends on if the player’s character is male or female.







Sell Locations

Warning: because the Advanced Tool Kit requires Gears and Steel Balls from the Factory to craft, but the Factory cannot be obtained until mid to late game, weapons cannot be revised until fairly late in the game.


Obtaining [ edit | edit source ]

To obtain the Forge, the player must hand over 10 Data Discs to Petra at the Research Center. The player will receive a letter in the mail the following morning, informing them that the research will take a further 4 days. Upon completion, the player will receive another letter in the mail from the Research Center. The blueprints are obtained automatically after reading the letter.

This item must be assembled at a Level 2 or higher Assembly Station, then placed outside the player’s workshop in order to use.

Рецепты Ака Рецепты Ака
Рецепт Чип Эффект Ингредиенты

Usage [ edit | edit source ]

Revising weapons [ edit | edit source ]

After constructing a Forge and placing it outside the workshop, the player can use it to revise some of the weapons in the game to grant them better stats whilst retaining their appearance, attack speed and style.

A weapon can be upgraded to the stats of any higher tier weapon of the same type. The weapon with the highest stats of its type cannot be upgraded. War Hammer is an exception: it can be revised to Macuahuitl’s stats despite having the highest attack for a hammer. The upgraded weapon’s stats change after forging, but it retains its original attack speed, animation, combos, and special effects. The ammo used by a ranged weapon also does not change after it is revised.

The player needs to have both the weapon they need to upgrade and the weapon which stats they want to copy in their inventory before interacting with the forge. Revising any weapon takes 6 in-game hours.

Forges run on Power Stones, and up to two can be added as fuel at a time for a total of three days of energy.

Prices [ edit | edit source ]

Revision prices depend on the source item not the item the player wants to upgrade. The more powerful the source weapon, the more and the rarer the materials required to revise another weapon to its stats.


Интересные факты и лайфхаки
Level 2 Assembly Station Level 2 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials