Treasure of nadia прохождение змей в пещере

Treasure of Nadia – Crafting Guide

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Treasure of Nadia Crafting Guide

This guide will show you crafting guide for Treasure of Nadia…

Aloe Potion

Aloe Potion Crafting Recipe: Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + Basic Container

Ant Killer

Ant Killer Crafting Recipe: Fossilized Algae, Quartz, Alumina, and additionally Rusty Key

Blow Dart

Blow Dart Crafting Recipe: Dart, Scorpion Venom, Bamboo, and additionally Feather

Camera Repair

Camera Repair Crafting Recipe: Broken Camera, Camera Base, Small Screwdriver and additionally Loose Screws

Chest Key

Chest Key Crafting Recipe: Broken Key, Broken Key, Broken Key, and additionally Broken Key


Concrete Crafting Recipe: Stone talisman, Fly Ash, White Sand, and additionally Dolomite


Dehumidifier Crafting Recipe: Broken Dehumidifier, Small Screwdriver, Silver ore and additionally Gold Talisman

Gold Talisman

Gold Talisman Crafting Recipe: Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, and additionally Gold Ore.

Golden Teddie

Golden Teddie Crafting Recipe: Bumpy Candle, Gold Ore, Teddy Bear, and also White Sand

Grand Talisman

Grand Talisman Crafting Recipe: Gold Ore, Gold Ore, Gold Ore, and additionally False Talisman

Jade Shovel

Jade Shovel Crafting Recipe: Shovel Head, Shovel shaft, Shovel Hadle and additionally Jade Talisman

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Jasmine Massage Oil

Jasmine Massage Oil Crafting Recipe: Jasmine, Rosa Moss, Basic Container and additionally Love Potion

Loaded Musket

Loaded Musket Crafting Recipe: Cleaning Oil, Old Bullet, Old Musket and additionally Silver Ore


Pickaxe Crafting Recipe: Wrench Grip, Gaffer Tape, Grappling Hook and additionally Pipe Wrench

Pirate Key

The Pirate Key Crafting Recipe: Pirate Medallion, Grand Talisman, Broken Key and additionally Broken Key

Pirate Shovel

Pirate Shovel Crafting Recipe: Cursed Shovel, Pirate Medallion, Jade Talisman and additionally Gold Talisman

Rat Trap

Rat Trap Crafting Recipe: Plastic Wrap, Gaffer Tape, Roach and additionally Basic Container

Rock Bomb

Rock Bomb Crafting Recipe: Nitroglycerin, Basic Container, Silver Talisman and additionally Jade Talisman

Silver Talisman

Silver Talisman Crafting Recipe: Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, and additionally Silver Ore

Stompin’ Boots

Stompin’ Boots Crafting Recipe: Leather Gloves, Shoelaces, Damaged Boots and additionally Shoe Glue

Swift Shovel

Swift Shovel Crafting Recipe: Alloy Shovel Hand, Ultra Shovel Hand, Carbon Shovel Shaft and additionally Silver Talisman


Royal Talisman

3 grand talisman + 1 object under the Library.

Rope Ladder

3 tiny rope and 1 knot tying guide.

All 3 ropes are in the tomb (northern part of deep jungles, to the west from teleport).

Deadly Whip

Whip, shoe glue, royal talisman, and poison thorns.

Golden Teddy

Bumpy Candle, Gold Ore, Teddy Bear, White Sand.


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